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1a. Pre-conference - Creating a Profile in the Virtual Classroom (152 items)
1b. Pre-Conference - Interactive Simulation Blogs (108 items)
1c. Pre-Confrence - Colonial Context (81 items)
2a. Pre-Bilateral - Climate Change is Our Shared Problem (73 items)
2b. Pre-Bilateral - Indigenous responses to climate change (67 items)
2c. Pre-Bilateral - Case study (60 items)
3a. Bilateral - Deliberative process (16 items)
3b. Bilateral - Analyze climate change solutions using your deliberative process (19 items)
4a-Tri-Regional (Continental) Collaboration (7 items)
4b. Global Virtual Town Hall (25 items)
4c. #Decarbonize: #Decolonize - FINAL REPORT (9 items)
Carbon Mitigation Plan (for travel to Germany) empty
Mentor Blogs (5 items)