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​4a. Tri-Regional (Continental) Collaboration

START:Oct 4, 2017DUE:Aug 31, 2018STATUS:Open


Prepare to discuss the following questions with your Tri-Regional Group

  • Share the deliberation process as adapted by the bilateral town-hall
  • Share the case study done of REDD+. Refine findings based on discussion with other regions
  • Share the individual case studies of your other selected climate change organization
  • Compare and contrast how the local organizations understand, conceptualize and work towards climate change. Discuss the contradictions and tensions.
    • What can the local organization learn from REDD+? What can REDD+ learn from the local organizations?
  • Colonialism is founded on power - the power of certain groups to make decisions on behalf of others. Oftentimes, these decisions benefit one group at the expense of others.
    • In your two case studies, who decides how climate change is addressed? Who benefits and how?
    • How do Indigenous peoples’ perspectives and actions impact these organizations and the work they do?
    • How do you see colonial power relations either being reinforced or being challenged in your two case studies?


Blog post

Create a blog post reflecting on your questions, readings and collaboration.

Summarize your findings in preparation for a discussion at the Tri-Regional Collaboration.

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