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2b. Pre-Bilateral - Indigenous responses to climate change

START:Aug 24, 2017DUE:Nov 30, 2017STATUS:Open


Focus: Climate change action for Indigenous peoples vs. climate change action from and with Indigenous peoples

Take some time to get familiar with a diversity of Indigenous perspectives on climate change and how various Indigenous peoples are acting in response to climate change:

Consider overlapping and contrasting themes that arose in the various readings and videos, as well as the different actions Indigenous peoples are taking in response to climate change, and create a mind map that reflects these perspectives and actions.

  • Looking at your mind map, discuss: how are these responses similar to or different from your original understanding of climate change and climate action? Did your learning create any new questions in your mind?


Watch the following video: Indigenous People and Climate Change:

Create a blog posting using the ideas gathered from your community, as well as the videos and readings that address Indigenous peoples about climate change.

  • How is this representation of climate change similar to the other things you’ve read/viewed? How is different?
  • Where do you see the influence of Indigenous peoples in this video? Where is it missing?
  • What solutions to climate change does this video propose?
  • Do you agree with the representation of Indigenous peoples and climate change action in the video? Why or why not?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges in taking seriously Indigenous perspectives of climate change? Consider factors that facilitate or hinder ethical responses to climate change, including social and economic inequities, political dynamics, marginalization, discrimination, state, military/police power, etc.

Once it is complete, please post your blog here.

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