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4c. #Decarbonize: #Decolonize - FINAL REPORT

START:Oct 25, 2017DUE:STATUS:Open


Please respond to the following questions in a blog post, summarizing your learning and providing concrete examples from the project. Feel free to quote other blogs or resources from the activities in support of your ideas.

1. Connect issues of power (colonization) to climate issues, using examples from what you learned throughout the project.

NOTE: focus on climate issues (i.e. deforestation, greenhouse gases, desertification, flooding) not environmental issues (i.e. contaminated water, poisoned fish, etc.)

2. What is the role of those in power (i.e. colonizers) in climate action? What are the role of the colonized in climate action? Are these roles fixed? How might we navigate these multiple roles? What does it mean to “decolonize” in support of climate change?

3. How might we participate in climate action in different contexts?

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