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​3b. Bilateral - Analyze climate change solutions using your deliberative process

START:Aug 24, 2017DUE:Nov 30, 2017STATUS:Open


Using the process you have created and working in your bilateral groups, examine REDD+ and one of the following Case Studies as means of addressing climate change:

  1. REDD+

And ONE of the following:

  1. Lubicon solar energy initiative in northern Canada:
  2. Navdanya’s biodiversity efforts in India:
  3. Anti-fracking efforts in Algeria:
  4. “Raise a Paddle,” Pacific Islanders’ resistance towards Canada’s tar sands:
  5. Indigenous Climate Network:


Blog Post

Provide a reflection on what you learned through your bilateral collaboration here.

You will prepare a more detailed presentation on your bilateral collaboration for Activity 4a, which leads into your Tri-Regional Collaboration.

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