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2c. Pre-Bilateral - Case study

START:Aug 24, 2017DUE:Nov 30, 2017STATUS:Open


Focus: country case studies of resource extraction that lead to climate change on traditional lands.

Choose one of the following to research:

  • A location (either within your country or in another country) where your own country is extracting resources in a way that contributes to climate change; i.e. mining/extracting silver, lumber, hydroelectricity (via dams), coltan, diamonds, coffee, etc. OR
  • A location in your own country where resources are being extracted by a foreign power in ways that contribute to climate change.

To look for environmental conflicts, check out the Environmental Justice Atlas: Be sure your case study relates directly to climate change.

Taking into consideration what you have now learned about Indigenous peoples and climate change, create your own deliberation process which can be used to decide how to act locally in response to climate change issues. Using the deliberation process you have created, analyze the resource extraction issue you have chosen.

Research/consider the following:

  • What are the environmental impacts of this resource extraction?
    • Short-term?
    • Long-term, in terms of climate change?
  • Who benefits from this resource extraction? Who is disadvantaged? How is this connected to colonization?
  • What kinds of opposition / environmental preservation being carried out by the following groups, especially as this case contributes to climate change? Are any of them in conflict? Whose interests are at stake?
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Environmental activists
  • Governments
  • NGO’s
  • What could a socially and environmentally ethical response look like?
NOTE: There are many environmental (and other) impacts of resource extraction, but it is important to continue to focus your research efforts on how this case study contributes to climate change specifically.


Blog post

In preparation for your bilateral collaboration, outline your deliberative process and summarize your case study findings.

Once it is complete, please post your blog here.

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