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National Dialogue - Survey



Have students complete a survey of their communities to try and gauge local and national opinion on climate change. We have created the outline of the survey, however the students are invited to create 2 additional questions that reflect their region.

To distribute a general copy of the survey, please use this link:


To modify the survey with your students:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select “Make a Copy.”
  3. Add your country’s name to the title of the new survey, adjust the text under the title, and add student questions in the spaces provided.
    1. Be sure to make them "linear" answers
    2. Submit your TWO questions that reflect your region
    3. Click the 3 vertical dots (more) in the top right hand corner of the screen, select add collaborators, this is the sharing settings, please be sure to click the following:
      1. Under who has access, click "change"
      2. Choose "On - Public on the web"
      3. Click "done" to save changes
    4. In the settings (the icon that looks like a gear) under the "general" tab, be sure to click the following:
      1. Remove restricted users
      2. Limit to one response
  4. Click “Send” in the top right-hand corner. Choose whether to email your survey directly or copy the link then email. Please ensure that I have permission to see the survey results by providing me with the back-end link, as I will be collating responses in Germany.


Once the students have finished gathering data, have them work in groups to write a blog post addressing the following questions:

  • Do the responses correspond to the position of your country?
  • Were you surprised by the results of the survey?

Although students are encouraged to work in groups to write their blog, each student is encouraged to post on at least two of their peers' blogs.

Important Reminder:
Blog post responses will be used in the final project. Please be sure to have clear, concise, well thought out responses.

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