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This image portrays that if something exists, not believing in something doesn’t prevent it from affecting you.

Environment   Aug 3, 2017 by Jake White - Pimlico

Despite the fact that this writing was likely written during a flood for the soul purpose of creating this photograph, it still portrays that if something exists, not believing in something doesn't prevent it from affecting you.

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And the worst thing about it is: When you close your eyes to any problem, you also close the view for a possible future solution which you could probably be the one to solve it!

This image Is speaking really loud words of justice

This wall painting is very motivational Jake and was most likely written as to promote others to act on the idea of climate change, especially rising sea levels. Even if written during a flood, it still shows others who are not specifically in the pacific how the rise of sea levels can affect us at our homes in the future as well.

Erin McConnell
Aug 3, 2017

It's a work by Banksy, who is an inspirational street artist and political activist. Love it!

That's so true.

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