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Canada Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
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About Me

Hi! My name is Carrie Karsgaard, and I’m the Project Coordinator for the IPCC Cities and Climate Change Project.

I have a hard time conceiving of “the good life” for any one person – instead, I’m most interested in how together we can work for “the good life” for all people (not just some wealthy or educated or fancy people, but all people). This is one of the reasons I’m interested in climate change: it is an issue that connects us all, even though it is easy for those who are wealthy or educated or fancy to ignore this! I know that all of our visions and roles are different, but I think that my particular role in addressing climate change is finding ways to ensure that all voices are heard and accounted for in decision-making processes. This is why I enjoy working with youth like YOU from all over the world!

My perspective is shaped by my PhD research at the University of Alberta in Canada, where I study climate change education policy from a decolonial perspective. All of the work I’ve done – whether in my academic or my professional life – has addressed cross-cultural and cross-border learning, with special attention to addressing marginalized populations. I’ve spent my life as an educator, both in high schools and at universities, and I can’t wait to discuss the important topic of climate change within this global community.

My profile picture shows me holding hands a burnt tree following a forest fire. My city of Kelowna is in a very dry part of Canada, and it has been affected by increasing numbers of forest fires over the last few years due to climate change. While some people have lost their homes to forest fires, others have been impacted by heavy amounts of smoke, which fills our city all summer long. The smoke has the worst impacts on vulnerable populations such as seniors and babies, as well as those with pulmonary (lung) illnesses. It also impacts the mental health of people who are trapped inside by the health effects of smoke.

At the same time that we are suffering the effects of climate change, I can see how my city contributes to climate change in so many ways: we have poor public transportation so most people drive cars everywhere, we allow our governments to destroy the surrounding environment with dams that pollute the waters with mercury, and our personal habits of consumption (plastic water bottles, clothing, new things for our houses) contribute significant waster. I would like to see my city make some changes!

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