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Carrie Karsgaard

Canada Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Nov 19, 2018

About Me

Hi! My name is Carrie Karsgaard. I'm excited to be one of the people facilitating this project.

I was born in southern Alberta, and I've lived in Edmonton, Vancouver, and now Kelowna, BC. Kelowna is the home of the Syilx people, and it's a beautiful place with many lakes, small mountains, and forests of Ponderosa pines and sage. I moved here because of work, and now it is one of the places I call home. I am a citizen of Canada, though I understand this nation to be a place that has done harm to some people within our borders, and this makes me wonder what we can do to change what it means to be "Canada." This is why I'm interested in the project we are working on together.

My dad has been really influential on how I understand building good relationships. Though my dad is a really respectful person, he doesn't believe in respecting rules if the rules are harmful to people. He thinks rules should only be kept if they are fair and help us build good communities. So, he always made me think about whether rules were damaging or whether they created safe, healthy places for people and animals. He told me all kinds of stories about when he was a kid, when he challenged rules that hurt. For instance, he told me stories of when he questioned rules in his schools that allowed teachers to bully, physically harm, or neglect students. This was tricky because sometimes he got into trouble for questioning these things. He even got kicked out of school. But he would stick to what he believed in when he could, working to make the rules more fair. And then, when they were changed, he would gladly follow them! He always encouraged me to do the same, and I grew up thinking hard about whether rules should be kept and followed - or whether it was time to change them.

I'm thankful for what I've learned from my dad because he helped me understand how rules - good or bad - contribute to how we relate to one another. He also helped me think about when and how to change rules to build more fair and healthy communities - whether these are schools, or cities, or the country we call "Canada."

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