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Lexi Stein

Canada Barrhead, Alberta, Canada
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Nov 13, 2016

About Me

Hi! I'm a farm kid from rural Alberta, Canada. I live with my family, my many dogs, and 700 sheep. I come from a very open, opinionated, and political family. All topics are open for discussion and debate, including rights and freedoms, our moral responsibility as human beings, anything involving agriculture, and pressing global issues. I'm just beginning grade 10, with a fascination with the arts, literature, social studies, and economics. I'm looking forward to discussing ideas and thoughts with other like minded people.

I think a sustainable world begins with individual people. Everyone plays a part, and can make a difference. Myself personally, apart from trying to be more Eco friendly in my day to day life, as a farmer, I believe that there are many changes that can be made in modern agriculture, such as better soil management to create healthier land that will be able to use water more efficiently. So that's the angle I am trying to make a difference from.

  • My Interests
    Civil Rights, Freedom of Expression, Political Thought

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    CanadaCanada      United StatesUnited States