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2a. National Dialogue - Survey


Have students complete a survey of their communities to try and gauge local and national opinion on climate change. We have created the outline of the survey, however the students are invited to create 2 additional questions that reflect their region.

Have students view our example survey here, copy all of the questions, then formulate two unique questions.

To create a new google survey:

  • open Google Drive
  • click on the red “NEW” button
  • click on “more” at the bottom of the list that opens up
  • select “Google Forms”


Once the students have finished gathering data, have them work in groups to write a blog post addressing the following questions:

  • Do the responses correspond to the position of your country?
  • Were you surprised by the results of the survey?

Although students are encouraged to work in groups to write their blog, each student is encouraged to post on at least two of their peers' blogs.

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