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4b. Tri-Regional Report - Awareness


As we close in on the end of the project, and the writing of the White Paper that will be presented in Morocco, we need to shift our focus away from ourselves as individual nation states and onto the planet as whole. In order for any meaningful change to take place, individual nations need to concern themselves with more than just their own self interest and see themselves as part of something bigger.

To that effect, the final White Paper will focus on three major components: Awareness, Policy, and Action.

The Tri-Regional Report on Policy is meant to provide a place where countries can work together to draw awareness to local and international awareness work that is being done around the work of #Decarbonize.


Many people still do not know about the critical importance of Climate Change, the process of decarbonization, the COP meeting in Morocco this year, or the impacts that the decisions we make now will have upon our world and its future. In light of that, it is critical that we raise awareness locally and globally!

For this activity, record all the work that your school/country is doing to promote awareness of #Decarbonize: BlueYouth on the Awareness link, tracking sheet. Awareness has been broken down into four categories:

      1. Social Media: This is where we record our Twitter, Facebook, postings.
      2. Other Media/Awareness - Record information on the story (e.g. newspaper article about work you and your community are doing, booth at your school, etc)
      3. Partner Organizations - Find an organization that is doing work in the field of climate change that you can align with, both personally and in the context of your work with #Decarbonize. Record the details of the partnership in the document.
      4. Conferences/Meetings - Share with the group the opportunities you have had to showcase the work of #Decarbonize through conferences, presentations, and meetingS

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Organize to raise awareness of climate change, and track the reach of their efforts.
  • Collaborate to formulate concrete policy recommendations as tri-regional groups.
  • Plan ways to take action, either by joining existing events/campaigns or creating new ones.

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