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1a. Pre-Conference - Creating a Profile in the Virtual Classroom


1) Discuss how different students may view climate change differently. Each student ‘wears their own pair of green sunglasses’ when looking at this issue. Help students see the value in multiple perspectives.

2) Have students use this discussion as a framework for filling out their TIGed Profile on the virtual classroom. Each student should answer the following two questions, and find an image online that captures some aspect of how they view climate change.

  • A) What is your vision for a sustainable world?
  • B) What are you planning to do to make this vision a reality?

3) The goal is to have students complete their profile up to 80%.


Have the students go on a ‘virtual scavenger hunt’ to find other profiles on the website. For this treasure hunt, students need to identify two images from their fellow students and reflect on how their peers' answers and image touched them. The responses can be added to the bottom of their profile.

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