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3a. Bilateral Collaboration - Background Readings


In this phase of the Decarbonize: BlueYouth project, students will research key background information on climate change and water, create a dialogue and collaborate with students from a different country, and develop a broader awareness of climate change and water and how it impacts countries differently.

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Each bilateral pairing has been assigned a UNFCCC theme and two graduate mentors.

  • Students will read/listen to 2 mandatory general resources on climate change. We’ve also provided optional readings/videos for students that want do do extra research.
  • Students will then read 2 resources that have been assigned to their bilateral pairing by the graduate mentors, see Resources and Activities.
  • Students then find and share 2 resources on climate change (reading/documentary/etc.) with the whole Decarbonize project. Post these in the Bilateral Collaboration section of the Resources.
  • While doing their readings, students should write a blog post reflecting on these questions:
    • How does the assigned BlueYouth theme relate to your country?
    • How does it relate to your country pairing?
    • What is the current state of this BlueYouth theme?
    • In what direction does this theme seem to be evolving in your country and how does this compare with how you would like it to evolve?
    • What strategies to combat climate change and address these interrelated issues do you think are the best/worst for your country?

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