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4c. Tri-Regional Report - Action


As we close in on the end of the project, and the writing of the White Paper that will be presented in Morocco, we need to shift our focus away from ourselves as individual nation states and onto the planet as whole. In order for any meaningful change to take place, individual nations need to concern themselves with more than just their own self interest and see themselves as part of something bigger.

To that effect, the final White Paper will focus on three major components: Awareness, Policy, and Action.

The Tri-Regional Report on Action is meant to provide a place where countries can inspire each other by the Action that they are taking to create change locally and globally.


We must be ready to back up our words and intentions with action, because words alone cannot solve this crisis. The last two decades of negotiations on this issue have produced a lot of verbiage, but not nearly enough action - let’s plan some real world fun to directly engage ourselves and our community. This could take the form of aligning with existing initiatives in our community:

The organizers you connect with during this live session may also have existing campaigns and activities you can contribute to as well. Feel free to ask them and begin a dialogue for action.

Based on the discussions that took place leading up to and after your Bilateral Collaboration and Tri-Regional Virtual Town Halls, each school will break down the actions they plan to take as we begin to put thoughts into action.

Please use this link to plan and document your actions.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Organize to raise awareness of climate change, and track the reach of their efforts.
  • Collaborate to formulate concrete policy recommendations as tri-regional groups.
  • Plan ways to take action, either by joining existing events/campaigns or creating new ones.

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