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Climate Change Game and Eco Footprint calculator

Environment   Sep 27, 2016 by Charles Kurth


Our class had to use a different ecological footprint calculator from most other schools in this project due to the suggested one not including Ghana as one of the applicable countries. This calculator we actually used was great, it was highly detailed and allowed for generalisations and rounding. However one set back was that the calculator didn't allow for carbon offsetting therefore didn't give the most accurate representation of how much carbon we produce. Secondly we were instructed to play a game made by the BBC where we had to lead a country and along the road meet carbon footprint reduction goals along the way. If you mismanaged your money and or resources your nation would fail. My leadership did manage to bring the country through the goals but however did decimate the economy. This game showed how hard it is for nations to meet carbon footprint reduction goals, especially if they are on the poorer side such as Ghana, the country I live in now. 

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hhs alli
Oct 3, 2016

We did the same thing and came across the same problems that you faced. The calculator that we used it did not let us say what we do to help our carbon footprint, which should be added to the calculator. 

Oct 3, 2016

well just work harder at reducing that carbon footprint GO GREEN

samantha Martin
Oct 3, 2016

Thanks for Sharing! The calculator really does show how hard it is to manage everything and still meet your goals. Perhaps this shows how realistic it may be to make a difference. However, it is well worth the struggle!

Lexi Stein
Sep 27, 2016

I also found the same thing as you when I played the climate challenge game. It's not too hard to meet just the climate goals, but to make sure the country doesn't fail and still meet the climate goals is hard. It gave me a new appreciation for the government and how hard their job is. 

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