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Charles Kurth

Ghana Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana
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About Me

My names Charles but people call me Charlie, I'm Scottish and I live in Ghana and I've been moving around for the majority of my life. I'm nineteen and a fairly social person so I'm pretty easy to get on with. If I'm not home or at school you'll see me down town doing something or another.

My vision for a sustainable world isn't pessimistic nor optimistic. Either way we'll be okay, with we, the human race being the most intelligent and advanced living life form in all of natural history we have the power to overcome anything. However in order to further the longevity of our planet we really do need to reduce carbon and harmful gas emissions. We really do need to preserve our freshwater reserves and land which can produce crops. Otherwise our grandchildren will grow up in a world we today would not be happy to live in. Therefore I see a nuclear future. A future where our energy is clean. Also renewable sources such as wind and solar need to be exploited to their fullest. A world where our grandchildren can live in a world much the same as I do is a world I strive for. Consistency, not change.

To implement this all governments across the world need to nationalise energy and private energy is to be made illegal. Therefore governments can regulate and keep energy affordable but also strive to make it clean. On an individual level we need to be mindful of our carbon footprint, but also remain realistic in what we can do, so no living in the woods. Campaigns like the British "Stop Leaving it on Standby" should be implemented globally and even more so third world countries should be educated in the same way that we in the western world are.

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    Globalization, Neocolonialism & Imperialism, Political Thought, Substance Abuse

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