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participants of the International Youth Conference on Water and Climate Change

Education   Oct 11, 2016 by Davi Silva Fagundes

Dear participants of the International Youth Conference on Water and Climate Change, Good Day!

The warnings are being given since ancient times, including in the Holy Scriptures, the report we are going through today.

Not only all this state of emergency in our little Earth, headlines fill pages and pages daily on water stress - the shortage of water and the direct concern of climate change on the planet.

People truly involved with the environment, are aware of the devastation that occurs in countries, including Brazil and the Federal District.

Recent reports put the need to reduce or controlled use of existing water resources in the Federal District, as the Dam discovered a reservoir that supplies much of the population of Brasilia, employs only 45% of its capacity of water distribution. According to experts, but there is enough rainfall to the repository in the reservoir in 73 days, the severity of the situation in contention, distribution controlled by CEBS - responsible for supplying Authority in the Federal District, as is done in several cities of the Federal District, with rationing from water.

We also, by the Government and Parliamentary Managers, inaction on the part of urgent measures to be taken years ago, a condition that would reverse or alleviates the current situation.

The specific actions of individuals, non-governmental organizations and researchers, it is necessary, compared to the very serious problems we are going through today with water and climate change.

In this line of action, we are attentive and charging a lot of public officials and representatives of the legislature, for a more timely action against gravity of the problems we are going through in the Federal District, according to various reports from media site, drawing attention to specific measures under the risk of not doing so, the terms colapsso water supply to the population of the Federal District.

We recently sent messages to several representatives of the Federal Government and the Federal District, advising on the work carried out by students from various countries, when the Youth Internaicional Climate Conference - COY 21, in which the deliberations of the final document should be contemplated in Schools and departments of the Government of the Federal District.

In previous messages, we pass on the need to set up working groups from the participating countries to sensitize the public managers and parliamentarians about the seriousness we are going through in the world and in each particular country.

Thus, we are fully available to auxiliarmos as possible so that those interested in sharing with us the GT - post-conference working group COY 21, presentation and implementation of adopted resolutions and delivered at COP 21 in Paris.

In honor much again, we can participate in the COY 22 - International Youth Conference on water and climate change, and contribute to minimize the impacts already perceived in the whole planet.

We went over the report Correio (local newspaper) below to terms thus notion of gravity of the problems caused by water stress and climate change.

Success always.


Prof. Davi Silva Fagundes Contact: 55 (061) 98453-0308

Environmentalist - Environmental Educator - Water Resources Manager

Coordinator of the International Youth Climate Conference - COY 22 in Brazil

President of Agenda 21 Wansbeck location

Regional Coordinator of the Millennium Development Goals - North West

MPPU - Political Movement for Unity - Regional Wansbeck

Delegate of Agenda 21 of the Federal District

Delegate of the 1st Transparency and Social Control Conference of the Federal District

Member of Aquarius Institute - social and educational Institute, Technological, Environmental and Cultural Sustainable Development

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Lexi Stein
Oct 18, 2016

Is it common for individual people to waste water in their homes? Do people use more water then they need? Are the people aware of the water crisis across Brazil?

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