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Bilateral Collaboration - Brazil

Oct 11, 2016 by Mudassar Javid

Theme: Role of International Aid in Solving the Climate Crisis

1. In terms of our country (Canada), there are already measures in place to assist developing nations in combatting the Climate Crisis. Funds are being sent to facilitate the creation of clean power generation. Over 2.64 billion dollars are already being sent (on the part of the Canadian government). Moreover, the government of Canada is committed to supporting the most vulnerable of nations as they face the greatest threat created by the Climate Crisis.

2. This relates to our country pairing because Brazil is a less developed nation (relative to Canada). This theme discusses the capacity at which Canada should strive to assist other nations

3. In terms of current state, various developed nations are assisting less developed countries through financial aid. It should however be noted that developed nations themselves are still striving toward addressing the issue of climate change

4. This theme is slowly progressing towards an increase in national climate intervention (aid). We would hope that the government provides sufficient aid without creating a sense of dependency in the long run as this would have catastrophic effects on global economics. Moreover, we hope that developed nations don't forget the Climate issues in their own backyards prior to assisting others.

5. In Canada, an effective strategy would revolve around a greater education on the topics at hand because there are already institutions in place to provide effective analysis of the issues. In terms of ineffective measures, direct intervention may result in reliance or possibly political issues between countries.

Mohammed and Mudassar (Queen Elizabeth High School)

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Davi Silva Fagundes
Oct 21, 2016

Dear Bilateral Partners (Queen Elizabeth High School), Good Day!

It is a satisfaction that we can exchange information on the work we do in our schools with our students.

Yesterday, in one of the cities of the Federal District, we had a time, over 1,000 homes were without power and one person died.

The Federal District Government is counting the prezuízos materials and auxiliandos the affected families. We never went through such a situation of extermos impacts of climate in the Federal District.

Middle Wansbeck North Education Centre, our students have to keep updated as the information that affect our lives, especially as the issues of climate change and water.

We're trying to partner with the Federal District Water Agency to terms capture rainwater and installation of solar panels at the school.

Last year, we had the opportunity of participating COY 21, but could not be present at COP 21 in Paris, because of the economic crisis we crossed in front of corruptions in the legislative and executive branches of Brazil.

With the decisions taken last year, we have the opportunity to present to the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District - Committee on Education, Health and Culture deliberations. We were awarded with the presentation of the report COY 21, the creation of the Climate Fund of the Federal District and all quesitgos the COY Report 21 was approved by the Commission.

We bumped into the bureaucracy, which is immense. Resources our country have, but the willingness to bring these resources to ensure sustainability in schools, homes and government agencies, is still far from happening.

We took the first step and we are following in the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District the approval of the COY 21 resolutions and we hope that everything will work out for the schools of the Federal District receive the necessary resources for the installation of rainwater harvesting boxes ( here the rains decreased) and solar panels - to reduce the account that in our school, every month, you can buy a new car with what you spend water and light.

We are committed to reverse this situation, bringing greater awareness to our students.

I want to deserve attention, we formed a working group of the participating countries in COY 22, to have a greater social control of the deliberations of the International Youth Conference and charging of public managers the realization of what was set in the final document.

So we are fully available to give continuity to the work of COY COY 21 and 22 in Brazil - Brasília / Distrito Federal.

A great weekend.

Success always.


Prof. Davi Silva Fagundes Contact: 55 (061) 98453-0308

Environmentalist - Environmental Educator - Water Resources Manager

Coordinator of the International Youth Climate Conference - COY 22 in Brazil

President of Agenda 21 Wansbeck location

Regional Coordinator of the Millennium Development Goals - North West

MPPU - Political Movement for Unity - Regional Wansbeck

Delegate of Agenda 21 of the Federal District

Delegate of the 1st Transparency and Social Control Conference of the Federal District

Member of Aquarius Institute - social and educational Institute, Technological, Environmental and Cultural Sustainable Development

Lexi Stein
Oct 18, 2016

This was very well written and put together. I agree that developed nations should help developing nations, and I also like that you said we should still strive to avoid dependency on foreign aid long term.

I also think education is a huge part in combating climate change here is Canada. When talking to people in my area, I found a lot of people didn't care about climate change because they didn't really know anything about it. Awareness is key.