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Simulation Reflections

Environment   Sep 27, 2016 by Chris Crubaugh

The first simulation was the Ecological Footprint Calculator. This activity took a while due to the mass amount of questions i had to answer and think deeply about. There were some questions that made me have to do research and calculations such as how far i drive in a week, where i drive to, what type of vehicle i use etc. What surprised me most was how far above the average my ecological footprint read and how much more carbon I produce as a person in comparison to the average Ghanaian. Also, how much carbon dioxide I produce just by transportation. My footprint compared to the countries average by quite a bit, and after answering all the questions, I found that my total footprint was 33368 kgs of CO2 per year in comparison to the average of 1261 kgs in Ghana, and 3791 kg worldwide. Although none would be easy, I think the Food and Home categories would be the easiest to reduce in my footprint: The food would be reduced eating more greens and less meat, less processed food, and recycling as much as I can. For home I could use only the water that I need (showering, brushing, washing hands, dishes, laundry etc.), turn off lights and electronics when i'm not using it, and being more efficient with my time online.

The second simulation was the climate change activity. In my opinion, the game was fun and interesting. The game taught me to find global solutions to climate change and how to cooperate with other nations. It also enforced the point that it is not easy to solve climate change. My main strategy was to be direct and loyal. Also, maintaining my popularity was my priority because I related this to my personal life in the sense that if people looked up to me, they would follow me and respect me - same goes for the activity.

The last simulation was the water footprint calculator. when I got my results, I was pretty surprised by how much water I consumed and I expected the number to be much lower. than it was. Another thing that surprised me was how much food production was a factor on my water footprint. 

These three activities were fun in my opinion, and also taught me to be more cautious about how much i consume, and to be more aware on the damage i am doing to the environment alone. 

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3 Comment(s)

Oct 3, 2016

Oh wow, I'm pleased to hear your thoughts. 

Lexi Stein
Sep 27, 2016

I agree that being more eco friendly in the household and food areas are far easier than say transportation, especially for me living on the countryside in Canada, where using public transportation isn't really an option. 

Chris Crubaugh
Sep 27, 2016

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