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LO-Faizaan Khan- Water crisis in Developing countries

Globalization   Oct 23, 2016 by Faizaan Khan

There is a huge water crisis in developing countries. Everyday people struggle to even get enough want to washy here hands or face, let alone drink. Even when these people do get water, more often than not it is contaminated and harmful to consume. Water usage differs highly between developing countries and developed ones.Developing countries use 90% of their water for agriculture, 5% for industry, and 5% for urban areas.Developed countries use 45% of their water for agriculture, 45% for industry, and 10% for urban areas.In the last century water usage per person doubled, even as the total population tripled, creating a situation today where many areas of the world are consuming water at an unsustainable rate.People living in third world countries are suffering from a water crisis that has become a major global health issue. Water is essential for life—not only for the body’s physical needs but also for domestic use; yet millions of people do not have access to potable water. The lack of available clean water contributes to the death of millions of people annually and hindering the development of communities. 

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