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LO-Local decarbonization-Faizaan Khan

Globalization   Oct 19, 2016 by Faizaan Khan

The picture we decided to draw represents how more and more farmland has been stripped and is being used for commercial purposes. This is impacting our own lives and the world as a whole. The industrialization has increased drastically and the effects its doing to our environment are negative. The construction creates a big disturbance to wildlife and can even destroy habitats for some species. Also, the amount of pollution that's created by the production of these buildings and modern sites contributes to a big problem, climate change. Destroying farmland has more negative impacts to natural life than positive.

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Hajar enneiemi
Oct 19, 2016

Yes Faizaan Khan I totally agree with you. I can take an example wich is my country Morocco. Us as morocans we are trying to turn the country side to a modern city: polluted , crowded , civilized , industialised ,.... and a lot of other things wich are totally bad. We should know that the country side is our shelter where we can reduce the amount of pollution and can save our selves from destruction that we face each and every day in different ways in the cities. So I pray every one who's responsible to leave the coutry side and tge farms by their own and leave tgem as clean as they still are. 

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