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Claire Curtis

Australia Townsville, Queensland, Australia
  • Languages : English, Japanese
  • Last Login : Nov 9, 2017

About Me

My name is Claire, I was born in Malaysia but immigrated to Australia for educational purposes. I live in a family of five including myself and have many hobbies including sports and playing the violin. I'm passionate about learning about the effects of climate change as I am currently living in a town heavily impacted by drought.

What is your vision for a sustainable world and how?
My full vision for a sustainable world has not yet fully developed as my research towards climate changed is not extensive enough to have an understanding and therefore neither is my knowledge of the topic to explain any logical statements. However, if I were to draw upon my current knowledge of climate change, I would say that almost everyone would have a supply of clean and renewable energy. To extend on this, a smaller world population would significantly decrease the amount of damage that humans have on the environment. In addition to the impact from humans, the majority of the population embracing a vegan diet would also decrease the amount of harmful grazing produced by cattle and other live stock.
In order to achieve this, the amount of sales on live stock could decrease forcing the public to adapt and have a vegan diet. To attain the goal of having multiple sources of clean energy, building windmills throughout a handful of countries and having every new house-like construction to be built with solar panels on the rooves to supply individual power sources to houses.

What impact has colonization had on our journey to a sustainable planet?
Colonisation has heavily impacted upon our journey to a sustainable planet as the settling of new people means that more houses will have to be built in order to shelter them, more food will have to be grown and more electricity will have to be supplied.

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