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Oct 29, 2017 by ANUSHA MAHANTI

Land grabs ,food insecurity and the destruction of communities are side ffects of the fight against

Climate change .Carbon trading one of biggest weapons touted by governments and business in the

Global fight against climate change could end up killing the planet

Tropical forests absorb huge amount of atmospheric carbon. According to some villagers ,the company had engaged in a litany of abuses:destroying their homes to clear land for new forestry plantations

,arresting local inhabitants for trespassing onto company licence areas ,confiscating animal straying into those areas ,planting trees on designated community, and forcing villagers to relocate grazing and agriculture in ecologically sensitive areas

By losing access to forest , the community had lost its primary means of generating

Inome ,accessing medicines and firewood ,acquiring water holes for livestock .In all

such cases ,the imperative to conserve the existing forests or establish new tree plantations in unforested land is systematically encroaching on the lives of longstanding indigenous communities.

We children can spread awareness among people. We can ensure we consume less electricity

And use pollution free transporting devices like bicycle for travelling.

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Simeon Koshy
Nov 9, 2017

This idea of spreading awareness is amazing. The more people that are educated about this topic, the more help we will receive in the long run.

Oct 29, 2017


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