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Targeting Deforestation: Restoration of Forests, One Tree at a Time

Nov 21, 2016 by Andrea Nicole Ronquillo

Sector: Biodiversity

Specific Issue: Deforestation

Area: Asia/Philippines

Mitigation and Adaptation Plans

  •  Laws and Regulations

To target the drastic loss of biodiversity caused by deforestation, it is essential to employ a series of rules and laws to govern the specific community affected. Clear cutting of trees should be strictly prohibited. On the other hand, cut trees should be replaced with new seedlings to make up for the trees that were lost.

  • Green Businesses

Through reducing, reusing and recycling of different materials such as paper, plastics, and wood products, the risk of deforestation and the demand for products derived from trees is lessened. Green methods of production and utilization of resources should also be encouraged within businesses.

  • Joining Green Organizations

Through communal efforts and green organizations (i.e. Greenpeace), communities are able to install the proper forest management mechanisms to prevent deforestation. Various environmental organizations together have a common goal of conserving, preserving, maintaining and protecting forests to ensure the sustainability of the world’s forests and natural resources.

  • Educational Campaigns and Raising Awareness

To be able to determine the specific causes, effects, hazards and risks caused by deforestation, it is important to raise awareness and to educate the community. The conscious effort of informing our own friends, family and communities is already an appropriate and effective measure to combat deforestation.

Financing Mechanisms and Technological Development

  • Provide subsidy and financial support to recycling centers from the government.

Recycling centers play a crucial role in reducing the demand for trees and the many products they yield. Through thorough financial and moral support of these institutions, this would encourage communities to find alternative green products which would lessen the trees cut down or affected. Thus, this mechanism is specifically for the maintenance of their various machineries and to improve their technologies used to recycle materials, especially from trees.

  • Hold frequent summit meetings worldwide to address issues regarding climate change and/or deforestation

To address the common issues caused by deforestation shared by countries around the world, it is essential to hold frequent meetings to mitigate a global plan which would target the main effects of deforestation. This would include the allocation of funds for projects promoting the restoration of forests and various recycling methods to further help in the restoration of our forests.

  • Allot funds for the technological developments of maps which show the different parts of the world that have alerting losses of trees.

In collaboration with Google Technology which has established a well-developed plan with the use of advanced technologies (Global Forest Watch 2.0), a map will be reproduced to show parts of the world where deforestation is prevalent. The use of this technology will spread awareness about the mass destruction of our biodiversity, especially with our trees. In line with this, we will be able to educate the public and local communities about deforestation and its various causes and effects.

Ronquillo, Robles, Dimayuga

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