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Water Contamination (Alarcon, Molano, Trinidad)

Nov 21, 2016 by Maria Andrea Isabel Angeles Alarcon


water resources

Specific Issue:
contamination of water – specifically tubig poso in rural areas and its rusty pipes (for sanitation and drinking purposes)


Adaptation and Mitigation plan

The rural areas in the Philippines are given the least attention when it comes to funds and resources from the government since only the urban areas get sufficient amount of attention and needs. The Philippine government is only centralized in one region which is why President Duterte has proposed to change the government into federalism so that each region would have their own funds that would sustain their needs without having to depend on the higher officials that are located in the NCR region. Government officials are called to tend to the problems of the rural areas that still need to be studied and looked into the main source of the water - for instance, how the pipes are connected with one another, where the water’s main source is located, and what the water’s passage ways are before it could reach the tubig poso itself for the people to consume.

You cannot expect people from the rural areas to ban them from using the tubig poso because they still greatly depend on it since it saves money which is why, funds from the government are going to be used to add a filtration on the tubig posos that would somehow eliminate its contamination thereby making the lives of people easier and more convenient. In this way, it would lessen the rate of sickness in relation to consuming contaminated water.

Technological development and Financing mechanism

The situation of the people from the rural areas is that they lack modernized appliances and resources for their benefit due to lacking of funds from the government as well as the lack of livelihood. We are proposing a plan to the government to give us a specific amount of funds for us to afford filtration for the tubig posos that would be put up in the rural areas that badly need clean water. Through this proposal, families – especially with small children – would have access to clean water that would lessen the probability of getting contaminated. Money from the government would be strictly monitored when it comes to distribution of funds. Another thing would be is that the government would have to assign specific people to work on the filtrations that would need to be put up in each community in the rural areas. In this way, it would ensure that the given money would not go to other purposes or projects of each community and would just solely focus on having filtrations in each tubig posos around the community. 

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