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Robert Van Dyk | Pimlico High School

Australia Townsville, Queensland, Australia
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About Me

Hey, I am an Australian Student currently studying at Pimlico State High School.

A sustainable world in my mind is a world that is not necessarily just decarbonized, there are other major issues currently that doesn't have to be at the current state that it is. There are billionaires with huge amounts of money, while there people in disadvantaged backgrounds, struggling to stay alive each day, due to hunger, poverty and overpopulation. However, not many people are trying to help, and many don't even think about issues like this.

The thought of a sustainable world is generally thought of a renewable world, where everything is created off renewable sources, however, this is not the case. A sustainable world should be one that has all issues solved, such as climate change, poverty and hunger, where everyone can live in harmony.

I will try to help this become a reality, by making the issues well known, including causes, and the effects on the world and us. This is why I am so interested in this project. This project will spread awareness about the issue, to the point of something to actually be able to be done about the issue of climate change.
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The Great Barrier Reef

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    Arms Control, Education, Food, Media, Sports, Sustainable Development, Technology

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