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1.b Interactive Simulations

Environment   Oct 10, 2016 by Robert Van Dyk | Pimlico High School

The two simulations I played and used were the climate challenge game and the water footprint calculator. The simulation that most relevant to me was the footprint calculator, which showed me how much water I used typically, and it showed me that I was using a decent amount of water in the form of food, while using very small percentages of water in other forms, such as industrial. The climate challenge game went very well; I learnt that governments have to balance the needs for their country along with creating systems to help with climate change. I realised that it isn’t really as easy as giving the cause money, along with that, during the game, I managed to complete the CO2 objectives, and managed to produce negative emissions, which after the game had ended, I realised that I had left my economy in shambles, and the whole economy had been ruined. These activities have shown how much of an impact I CAN have on climate change, however, it also has shown that it is not going to be easy to change without support from others, such as celebrities, politicians and normal everyday people. These simulations have shown that climate change can be tackled, but cannot be done alone, and will require research patience and time to achieve our goal, we can’t ignore the features that make us who we are, or completely stop them, however, if they aren’t necessary it is important to know how to stop or reduce them.

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