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Kiersten Sell

Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Jan 18, 2017

About Me

I believe that the beginning to any sustainable solution lies in the ability of the world, with all its nations and cultures to work together. In offering a united front we are not only providing a means for achieving sustainability, but also creating potential for new ideas and perspectives to be born from the international conversation. Programs such as Blueyouth COP22 are catalysts of change, and are crucial in creating a new generation that will be more conscious than the last. It has been, and will continue to be my goal, to engage in international conversation and reach out to others with a common vision, in the interest of progress and prosperity.

  • My Interests
    Climate Change, Culture, Gender Equality, Global Education, Human Rights, Peace & Conflict, Political Thought

  • Countries I've visited
    FranceFrance      GermanyGermany      MoroccoMorocco      SpainSpain      United StatesUnited States