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Our survey

Environment   Oct 6, 2016 by AHSofChungHsingTW-35

In our survey, one of the additional question we created is, "When disposable tableware is provided at food shops, I bring and use my own tableware (forks, spoons, chopsticks, etc.) and I bring my own shopping bags and/or grocery bags when shopping." We think that we bring our own tableware and shopping bags or grocery bags when shopping is a way to reduce the amount of trash and protect the environment and it is the easiest approach for everyone to achieve. Recently, although the public know that it is important, the bad habit of using excessive disposable tableware is one of the reasons that produces a lot of trash and air pollution and causes climate change.

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Albert Tung
Oct 12, 2016

Yes. You can also use the fact that government in Taiwan has banned the use of disposable tableware for dining in. 

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