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Task 2a : Survey

Environment   Oct 1, 2016 by Anaïs Amri

 Hey eveyone, 

I am really excited to take part in this project and try to make a change, and I believe that we can do it together if we make enough efforts and I know for a fact that I will. 

Nature has a huge impact on our lives, not only because it provides ressources for living but also because it has the ability to help us change as a person into a better version in many ways. So it is our duty to protect the Mother Nature as a "thank you". We should all make that our priority. 

The climate change and water problems we're dealing with today shows that we haven't accomplished our mission as a person living on Earth. But we still have the chance to correct our mistakes, everything is possible. I know it will not get back to its initial state for now, but we HAVE to make it different. We are now talking about survival, if we keep going on this path our race will disappear.  

It's now up to us, we either make a change and survive or keep doing things the way we have these past few years and slowly die.

We have been asked if climate change is the most important issue of our generation, my answer is yes, it surely is. We can take care of economic problems and human rights later, it can wait a little bit more. But this, is urgent. The longer we wait, the worse it gets, the faster the human race disappears. 

Those are my additional questions :

1- Is it possible to make a change as a student?

2-  Are the climate change and water issues causing social and economic problems?

Let's change the world, united.

I wish you all a nice week end !


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hiba houmsi
Oct 2, 2016

Hi Anaïs !

I really enjoyed reading what you wrote ! And obviously I Agree with every single thing you said.

Climate change and Water issues are very serious problems that  are unfortunately not given enough attention. And as you said this issues are slowly killing every form of life on planet earth animals, Humans and planets .

I too would be glad to share with you my answers to the questions you proposed :

1 - yes, students can make a change, because we are the new generation we are here for that !

by caring about environment, by sharing ideas, by recycling, by not wasting water, by walking and using public tansport ....

2 - Climate change an water issues are causing lot of social and economic problems 

like hunger and poverty it can be also the cause of the emergence of a new disease.

 It can also lead to a collapse of economy in agrarian sociaties  as jalal explained.

Have a nice day !!

Jalal Hamine
Oct 2, 2016

Hi thank you for your efforts Anaïs. 

I agree with you in everything that you've said, we can't deny that water and climate changes problems are threatening the future existence of the human race. 

I also want to reply to your questions:

1- I think, everything is possible even when we are students. Words and ideas can change the world. It's going to be hard, but we are a pretty big community of students. And all of us united can make a change. 

2- Yes, these problems are causing dammage in all domains. Directly or not. For example, in some areas, people die due to the lack of water in their region, while others get to deal with serious illnesses caused by climate changes. Also, some countries's econnomy is based on agriculture, and when this is affected by climate changes and water problems .. It causes big economic problems for them. These are only few examples comparing to the reality of things but I'm going to stop here to not make it too long. 

Have a nice day 

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