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A sustainable world.

Environment   Sep 13, 2016 by Zineb Abbar, L'Ange Bleu School, Morocco

   When it comes to me, a sustainable world is a world where our needs would be in harmony with the natural resources we have, and a world where our current actions would not threaten the life of futur generations. Also, it is a world where each and every individual would have access to fair shares of food, water, shelter and in particular access to a quality education because it is the best way to raise awareness among societies about the dangers of some of our behaviours on the world. Aditionally, to make our world sustainable, we need to change our life styles and encourage new habits such as sharing rather than owning (e.g car-sharing ), preserving and proctecting rather than destroying and harming (e.g growing more plants and trees and protecting endangered species.), and finally becoming more ecofriendly. 

   To make this vision a reality, I am planning, first, on changing my behaviours as much as I can by using more renewable energies and limit my use of nonrenewable ones : for example by walking rather than driving, using solar panels at home, recycling... Second, by sensizing my family, friends and community on the dangers of pollution, climate changes, and global warming as well as encouraging them to change their daily habits. 

   This picture represents a village in Bangladesh affected - like many others in low-lying coastal regions -  by sea level rise. I chose this picture because it is a concrete illustration of the dangers of climate change and global warming. 


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Rachel Zewde
Sep 27, 2016

I am in total agreement with all of your ideas and I love that you took the time to find a real life example of the struggles of people affected by climate change. I'm just left with one question; how does this relate to the simulations we were tasked to write on?

Thank you so much for your nice comment, actually this blog post is a response to the question '' what is your view of a sustainable world ? ''. Here's the link of the blog post where I talk about the simuations :

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