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View of a sustainable world...

Environment   Sep 13, 2016 by Salma

As far as i'm concerned, a sustainable world is a place where all humanbeings live in harmony with nature and everyone has access to food, clean water and other resources and that without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs.  Everyone should be using a very specific amount of water/natural resources, no matter who you are, and how much money you earn. Social differences mainly are behind people overconsuming and using beyond their needs and that for the pleaure of luxury, while others, live deprived from drinkable water, food and other....

So as to make the world a better place to all of us and to reach sustainability, I am planning to use more renewable energies(such as sun, wind, rain...) and limite my use of non-renewable ones (like natural gas, petroleum...). I strongly believe that small actions can make the most changes, like using bikes or public transport instead of cars, encouraging people to grow trees, reducing our use of plastics and also educating youth and teaching them how to make the right choices for their communities. 

This picture is,to me, the best representation of what climate change is and how dangerous it can be. We have two parallel photos, the first one shows how the world was before being threatened with climate change and how beautiful and green our land was. And the second shows how drought damages earth and climate change threatens our survival.  

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Jazlyn Fankhauser
Oct 3, 2016

I really like your take on a sustainable world. Thanks for sharing your views!

Katie C. and Jazlyn F.

Oct 3, 2016

I like how overall youre saying that a sustainable world to you is simply everyone having equal amounts of survival needs and natural resorces, also, everyone is happy:)

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