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Group 4

Sep 12, 2016 by Amrit Dhaliwal

The ecological footprint shows us our effect on our community. The graphs and comparison information allows for us to envision just how big our ecological footprint really is. We can also see our areas of improvement and how we can reduce our footprint. The ecological footprint test was very reliable and not irrelevant in any ways. This simulation helped in finding our place for combating climate change. Living in a westernized country, we live our lives comfortably without any worries, not constantly thinking about global emissions and climate change. Environmentally, we need to start thinking more efficiently. For example, small things like walking/cycling instead of driving can highly reduce our ecological footprint. Although it sounds like an easy thing, it will still be minorly difficult because small things are affirmed in our day to day life and we don,t even think about it. On the other hand, the leadership simulation showed us how difficult it is to balance out different commodities. Such as, money, energy, food, water, environment, and people of the country. We did understand that not everything could be kept strong, all countries have their ups and downs. Despite the fact that some strategy cards were very helpful in reducing CO2 emissions, the public did not always agree. The public's approval was a very important asset in the simulation since they could vote you out of office. 

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Beth Richardson
Sep 18, 2016

This is a really good analysis of the issues the simulations talked about. I particularly liked your consideration of the importance of the views of the general public, and how important that is to our ability to engage in climate change action. Have you thought about strategies that you might be able to use to engage other people in climate action? What sort of arguments (environmental, legal, economic, social, moral) do you think would convince the people you interact with every day?


Mehnaz Shah
Sep 14, 2016

A question for your group is how do you think we can get the public approval while also balancing the governments position on climate change?

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