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Group 7: Simulation leaders; Comfort vs Efficiency

Globalization   Sep 12, 2016 by Moataz Khallaf

Last Friday our class did a simulation to calculate our ecological footprint, and put ourselves in our leader's shoes. We discovered that as a country our ecological footprint is not ecologically sustainable. We reflected on what we could do to lower our personal ecological footprint however, that wasn't enough. In our leader simulation we discovered that if our leaders used all their resources into being ecologically sustainable, other  issues would arrise, an example would be not being able to import luxury goods such as mangos. We now understand how they must try to balance sustainability and our needs or, as we like to call it comfort vs efficiency. People want to live their lives in comfort, and excess, yet they want to cut global emissions, this isn't possible. In order to help stop climate change and cut emissions we all need to make sacrifices. However in our simulation whenever we tried to cut emissions we were not re-elected. People want change, but don't want to sacrifice comforts. 

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Sep 16, 2016

I agree with the message you are trying to convey to us.  Our ecological footprint is much bigger than it should be because we prioritize more of our wants then what we actually need. This blog is making me consider what sacrifices i should make to contribute to making this world a better place

Ali Shahin
Sep 16, 2016

I agree with this. People need to make sacrifices in order to make change. You leave one, you get one. And I too must make sacrifices, we all do, if we want to decrease our ecological footprint and make this world a healthier place.

Young Jin
Sep 14, 2016

I also think that we must sacrifice some of our wants for the greater good, but many are unwilling to do so, and we must find an incentive to urge those people to be more eco-friendly.

I agree with your point, especially the one about how we need to sacrifice comfort in order to make a change. A real difference in the environment will only be made if we all put in the effort not just political figures.

I agree with the points, wanting a change, compared to actually pushing for it. Comfort is definitely a luxury and when some people feel it's threatened, they will stop being aware of issues like their carbon emissions. As well as it's very true that imported products aren't as eco-friendly compared to local products. 

simran randhawa
Sep 13, 2016

I agree with what you mentioned about leaders implementing changes about cutting down global emissions, but citizens not always agreeing to the actions taking place. If we do simple things like taking public transportation and using less electricity, we will be making a huge difference.  Incorporating these methods to our daily lives should not be as difficult as people think it is. People need to prioritize their needs rather than their wants.

Faizaan Khan
Sep 13, 2016

I agree with the fact that this isn't going to be easy and people would really have to take an active role in compromising and balancing what is needed and what is extra

Savannah Yu
Sep 12, 2016

Very insightful and clearly explained. In the end, I agree that it comes down to balancing our needs/wants with sustainability. Everyone does have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

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