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Sustainable World

Environment   Sep 12, 2016 by Kamal Allouche

For me, a Sustainable World is a healthy peaceful place where we can all live togheter and that can last for a lot of generations ahead. A Sustainable World have to use clean and renewable energies (such as Solar energy) but also to protect natural ressources . I believe that every human being must be aware that the climate change ,mainly caused by pollution, is slowly destroying our world.

In order to contribute to this goal, I can economize the use of several ressources as well as water and electricity and other products like paper which is made from trees' wood. I can also encourage people around me to use non polluting transports (bikes for exemple) and public ones too. I will work on growing different types of plants and flowers as well.

I have chosen this picture as a strong representation of climate change. The melt of icebergs and the increase of oceans' level are the most dangerous problems that may face all the livings beings on this planet because of climate change.

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hhs alli
Oct 3, 2016

We agreed with you, but we also think that we should limit our use of nonrenewable resources.

Oct 3, 2016

Those are amazing points. The picture you chose is very powerful. As a youth in this world I hope we can turn around the effects of climate change and save the environment and the animals that live in it. 

Oct 3, 2016

I also agree on what you think a sustainable world means.Also the melting of icebergs are increasing and is affecting many animals. lastly i agree on what people should do to contrubute to helping the earth.

Katia Holmes
Oct 3, 2016

I totally agree that it is important to encourage people to pollute less and for everyone to be aware of climate change. I personally have a hard time not driving everywhere and using so much gas, so I think its important for me to try to bike or walk or carpool more like you said.

Nihan Sajwani
Sep 12, 2016

Do you think that if our generation can turn things around, be more eco-friendly, and sacrifice our luxuries to reduce global emissions, that the other generations will follow? Or do you think that the next generation or the one after that will fall into old habits of greediness, thus making what we did have little impact?

Kamal Allouche
Sep 13, 2016

In my opinion, every generation have the right to live on this planet but also the duty to protect it for the next ones. At this exact point, we have to mention the role of education which too important for me. Each generation have to educate the following one and to aware it about its real rights and responbalities.

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