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Harrison Linning

Climate Change, Pimlico State High School
Australia Townsville, Queensland, Australia
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Oct 24, 2016

About Me

1.) Almost all students from around the world have different views on Climate Change. Whether their view is positive, negative or neutral, climate change is still a very important issue in today's society that everybody should be informed about.

2.) What is your vision for a sustainable world? My vision for a sustainable world is a world that has minimal pollution to the environment and a world where our environment functions to the best of its ability without have the restraints that it has in today's current world.

3.) What are you planning to do to make your vision a reality? To make my vision a reality I plan to reduce the pollution that I create everyday from recycling materials to using less materials that emit harmful gases to our atmosphere.

  • My Interests
    Climate Change, Sports

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