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Emily Robson

Australia Townsville, Queensland, Australia
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About Me

I am 15 Years old and am interested in science and technology and how it can help solve world issues like poverty and recycling and waste management. I play the violin and play field hockey out side of school. As well as having an Australian Citizenship I also have an American Citizenship. I have a passion for learning new things and helping people that are less fortunate than me.

1) Climate change is a very serious issue that will affect everyone around the world, however many people can have a different perspective on what it is and how it will affect us. It is very important for people to have different views because there is never just one answer especially a solution to climate change. We must work together with people from all ages and intelligence to capture a wide range of ideas and information that we can use to help solve the problems of day and the problems of tomorrow.
A) What is your vision for a sustainable world? My vision about a sustainable world is that we need to adapt to the technology around us and the services provided to solve major issues such as global warming, climate change and water usage. When working with many groups and organisations it is still necessary to be adaptable for change as new problems could immerge and we need to be well prepared.

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