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Dawn Henderson

Australia Townsville, Queensland, Australia
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Sep 14, 2016

About Me

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Hello my name is Dawn I am currently in Year 10 and attend Pimlico State High School in Australia.
Protecting local wildlife is a passion of mine. I have been trained to care for possums, kangaroos and avian life. I am involved with the local Wildlife carers and often volunteer. I have taken care of a total of four possums.
I am interested in programming and animation and will be attending a animation course during year 11. I am also self teaching myself how to use Blender (3D graphics and animation software).
Art and literacy are subjects i am interested in.
Australia is a big mining nation and there are many obstacles such as companies and workers that would stop the rise of renewable energy. In my opinion, renewable energy should become a large focus to achieve a renewable world. Also taking protective measures to save endangered species would help keep our ecosystem stable.
Therefore my vision for a sustainable world would be a world where renewable energy sources are used on the energy grid, the polar caps are still frozen along with the polar bears as well as all the other biomes and habitats under threat.
To achieve this my main goal is to achieve world wide sympathy towards the cause and participation in plans that we as a group have come up with. Conserving water is also a big issue in Australia and so i will aim to help with that endeavour by encouraging my peers to conserve as well as having shorter showers etc. All in all i will mainly try and reduce my footprint and others.

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    Animal Rights

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