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Ashleigh Keable - Pimlico SHS

Australia Townsville, Queensland, Australia
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Oct 13, 2016

About Me

Hi there! I am an Australian student currently studying at Pimlico State High in Townsville, Australia.
Some extracurricular activities I enjoy are basketball, guitar and performing arts (acting). At school, subjects that interest me are mathematics, science, social sciences (humanities) and English (writing).

What is your vision for a sustainable world?

A sustainable world involves multiple aspects of human impact and how things such as implementation, money, resources, information and vision are applied to benefit the environment in which we live in. A positive vision would consider one's personal impact yet also their ability to obey restrictions for the resources the world provides us with. Personally, I believe the impact of previous generations has given the opportunity to younger generations to highlight the importance of managing resources and reducing our environmental footprint.

How can you help make this vision a reality?

The current generation is capable of reducing their environmental footprint on the world as well as those they look up to - parents and grandparents. In the determination to make this vision a reality, I want to be able to assist in accentuating the important information that a majority of people are poorly apprised of. The increased involvement of citizens and government will allow an envisioned sustainable world to become a reality as well as relieving the amount of work placed on the following generations.
The collaborative enterprise - Decarbonise - will grant the current generation I am apart of the opportunity to emphasise the importance of being aware of the environmental processes caused by previous generations and how the effects can be reduced.

  • My Interests
    Climate Change, Diseases, Health, Maternal Health & Child Mortality, Mental Health

  • Countries I've visited
    United StatesUnited States