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Areeb Asif

Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Languages : English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
  • Last Login : Sep 20, 2016

About Me

My vision for a sustainable world depends on the utilization of resources combined with innovation. We can either expend all of our current luxuries if we keep innovating solutions such as energy alternatives and better water treatment plants or we can restrict the use of resources and control small things that influence the environment in order to ensure a long lasting sustainable society. Preservation of freshwater is important, however, finding alternative energies that are not dependent on digging into the ground and polluting the air (which is a big factor in climate change) should be a priority. Another solution is to continue global warming and then harness water that is currently frozen, as most freshwater is in a frozen form.

Essentially, public energy is vital to this. If corporations and people can own their own energy, even carbon taxes are not enough to cut emissions and pollution with continue. A centralized model that depends on respective governments is more likely to protect the water resources as well as provide opportunity for investment into long-term grand scale alternative energy solutions. This includes having authority crackdown on individuals for extra water usage or wasted energy. Governments must take control of these matters in order to best influence the people to understand the dangers of our current path. My participation in this project is to attempt to influence governments with the help of my peers, as well as controlling my own water usage.

  • My Interests
    Civil Rights, Genocide, Human Rights, Slavery & Human Trafficking, War Children

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    PakistanPakistan      QatarQatar