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United States Homer, Alaska, United States
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Sep 16, 2016

About Me

My name is Tadhg Scholz (Pronounced like Tiger minus the -er), I'm a 17 year old High School senior from Homer Alaska. I love to ski, mountain bike, camp and adventure, but thanks to climate change I’m seeing winters getting warmer with much less snow, rapidly melting glaciers and changing vegetation. The negative effects of climate change aren’t limited to winter -- we’re seeing unpredictable fishing seasons and acidifying oceans too. These things directly affect my way of life and the lives of everyone around me, which is why I am working to make a difference. Last year, I joined Alaska Youth for Environmental Action and have been working with a group of dedicated youth from around the state. We are currently gathering thousands of petitions against a harmful proposed coal mine, and in a few months we will be lobbying to pass a bill through our state Senate that we and other organizations are currently writing in order to protect all Alaskan salmon habitat from harmful industrial development. Now I'm excited to join BlueYouth and represent my state and country in the worldwide fight against climate change.

  • My Interests
    Climate Change, Political Thought

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