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Canada Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Oct 11, 2016

About Me

I'm Shafir Walji. High school student, have two cats, family of 5. I aspire to travel across the world(specifically to Asia, ie. South Korea) and I love eating new(and old) ethnic foods. In the near future, I would like to enter the career field of journalism. I spend my free time cycling and watching film. Proud LGBT2S and human rights advocate. I am learning French, and am confident I will cure my monolingualism!

A) What is your vision for a sustainable world?
I believe a larger non-profit sector, a proportional government system(in Canada), and stronger and earlier public education on contemporary issues, life skills, and activism will promote a more responsible, humanist, sustainable, stable, and amicable world. I think those ideas will carry our societies into a more conscientious era.
B) What are you planning to do to make this vision a reality?
I want to follow those principles completely when I become financially independent and engage others in conversation, hence the interest in journalism. I want to spend my life sharing my truths with others, and learning and promoting other's truths.

An image I view as representative of climate change is a photo of a polar bear on a small iceberg. I am having difficulties uploading it so I have described it instead. I view this as representative of my views because of the obvious reasons demonstrated by the photo, but I also feel about it in a metaphorical sense: I feel our stability(ground) is shrinking on us, and we are only suffering through its consequences rather than being proactive. Here is the link:

  • My Interests
    Civil Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cultural Diversity, Detention & Torture, Education, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, LGBT Rights, Political Thought, Poverty, Substance Abuse

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    CanadaCanada      IndiaIndia      JapanJapan