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Eden Szoke

Canada Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Feb 4, 2017

About Me

A sustainable world to me is one where people are awake to the fact that they have the power to make change. I think that no matter what the project is, people need to feel that they can make a difference. I dream of a world where awareness and compassion are qualities that are striven for above all else. With this mindset I believe every project will be easier to work towards; be it climate change, world peace, economic revolution, political discussion, animal treatment, or any other project that stems from disagreement. Decisions, in my opinion, are always made out of a "love or lack of love" emotion. All generations need to learn to choose love in order to achieve harmony in the world.

A project or idea is only as strong as the conviction of the person initiating it, so I believe it is important to not only preach morals, but to act on them. Personally I try to set an example of optimism and inclusion and find the most moral/loving solutions to any problem that comes across my path, because "small things done with great love will change the world" (Mother Theresa).
I also am in the process of starting up a global awareness/self-empowering class is my school that hopefully will encourage kids in my hometown to believe that they can make a difference -and inspire them to know that they hold the power and responsibility to help others and themselves!

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cultural Diversity, Environment, Human Rights, Informal/Experiential Learning, International Aggreements, Peace & Conflict, Political Thought, Refugee Rights, Slavery & Human Trafficking

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