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To me in order to have a sustainable world we have to recycle everything we can, not pollute vital resources like the water and the atmosphere and also to not destroy the natural environment like the rain forests and so on. What I am going to do to make my vision a reality is recycle everything that needs to be put in the recycling, also throwing my wastes into the right place, a healthy environment is a happy environment ! :)

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Jalal Hamine
Oct 2, 2016

I totally agree with you ! Recycling is a very effective solution. And i really like the picture you shared, it's really expressing a lot of things.

hiba houmsi
Oct 2, 2016

Hi Kamila !
I agree with you and i also do think that in order to have a healthy environment we as citizens should start recycling. Actually if every single person on planet earth starts recycling sure we will stop harming nature and soon after that our planet will transform from a dry to a green place as the picture you have chosen express

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