Mentor Introduction

Sep 28, 2016 at 4:59 PM by Albert Tung

Hello everyone!

My name is Albert Tung, and I will be your mentor for this project! You can see my profile from this link:

A little bit about myself: I am an immigrant to Canada from Taiwan! I moved here when I was about your age (grade 10), so I can still speak Mandarin very fluently. Other than being a good initiative, this is also a great opportunity for you to practice using English! I am currently a master's student studying astrophysics. My research topic is on the X-ray emission from a special type of object called neutron stars. It might sound a bit abstract, but what we do in astrophysics is to consider how laws of physics can be used to explain what we see from the telescopes. We are very good at making sense out of large amount of data!

Please reply to this thread with some information about yourself!

We are the point of contact for you should you have any question. I can also comment on your blog post, provide different resources such as research and statistics, and answer questions that can be either topic-specific or general.

You can post your question under this forum. I will be happy to answer them ASAP!