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Vision for a Sustainable World

Oct 3, 2016 by Katia Holmes

My vision for a sustainable world is to have communities that are able to support themselves without using fossil fuels and not use up more natural resources than can grow back or replenish. I live in a place that is pretty far away from cities and factories and production plants, so it takes a lot of fuel, resources, and energy to produce and ship items here. My vision is to see people and communities that support and buy local food and groceries instead of supporting chain companies far away. I see much more renewable resource use, such as solar and wind power, instead of the use of fossil fuels. I'm planning on making choices and actions that reduce my carbon footprint such as recycling, biking, carpooling, or walking whenever I can, making sure to turn off lights, trying not to waste food or water, and making sure to buy locally whenever possible.

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