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Group 6

Globalization   Sep 12, 2016 by Faizaan Khan

Question 1-How do these simulations relate to your community? Do any of them feel irrelevant to your context?

The ecological footprint represents the impact we have in our community. This footprint is based on many different resources that we use. Some examples would be our transportation, our usage of electricity and water, and also what we intake into our bodies. By using these resources, we have an affect on our community. These simulations inform us if we are using more or less than the average person. If we use too much water or electricity it may create an imbalance in the community. What the simulation is trying to teach is how every daily activity we partake in have a way to change the community. If everyone has a large ecological footprint the pollution would increase drastically and also make the environment less habitable.

Some factors that make up our footprint are irrelevant to us since we still depend on our parents for most of our necessities. We can't determine our exact footprint because electricity bills and water bills are covered by our parents. 

 Question 2- How do these simulations help you (or not help you) find your place in combating climate change?

These simulations have helped us find my place in fighting climate change. We've realized that we contribute heavily to the problem. We realize that we use our cars too often and we should definitely cut back on the gas we use and instead try using public transportation. We've also realized that the nation has already taken many steps towards combatting climate change. We in our city are quite behind the national example. We hope to also cut down on the imported foods that I buy and consume, we will now buy more locally grown food. We think that we as a city have to work extremely hard to fight climate change especially since we’re one of the worst nations in the city with our carbon footprint. We need to be on the front lines in the battle against climate change.

Question 3-Have these simulations changed how you think climate change should be tackled?

Yes, I believe that everyone's actions lead up to the problem of climate change. There are a variety of ways to try and tackle this situation, and this simulation helped me think of even more. Simple ways of reducing air pollution is to carpool or take the bus instead of taking a car, or even better would be walking/biking to more destinations. Other solutions would be reducing the amount of fossil fuels being burned. This can happen by using other methods to create power such as hydroelectricity, solar panels and windmills. The simulation showed how the government can handle climate change and try to implement new ways to decrease the negative impact human activities have. Some of the realizations I had made were that to make a huge difference in this world each one of us have to do our parts and work in unity to tackle climate change.

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Beth Richardson
Sep 18, 2016

This is a really good, thorough analysis of the climate action activity! I particularly liked your focus on your own reactions and experiences with climate change and activities that could contribute, as it is this sort of self-reflection which we are trying to encourage in the people we interact with. Something to think about might be how to explain the importance to climate change action to others in your local area - what kind of arguments (environmental, social, moral, economic, legal) do you think might be most convincing to the people you interact with every day? Overall, this is an excellent write up :)


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