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Presentation(Affiliated high school of Chung Hsing University)1a

Environment   Sep 12, 2016 by AHSofChungHsingTW-40

The sustainable world to us is a world without nuclear pollution,using green, clean energy to achieve the goal of an eco-friendly world. To contribute to this goal, we should grow more flowers and trees instead of using up all the land for commercial development; also, when dining out, we can bring our own tableware rather than use the disposable plastic utensils so as to reduce the amount of undecomposable garbage; we should also take the public transportation more often. Through the above ways, we hope to achieve sustainability step by step.

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Albert Tung
Oct 3, 2016

Interesting suggestions! One thing to take note in is that some vegetation are more carbon-absorbing than the others. For example, trees would absorb more carbon than grass due to its multi-year lifespan and larger biomass per area. Also, the Taiwanese government is already banning the use of disposable cutleries for dining in. This is already quite an extraordinary step towards waster reduction. 

Oct 3, 2016

This is really interesting, its definitely an eye opener to see how climate change and human involvement is different in different cultures all around the world.

Ali & Tucker

Aaron Wilde
Sep 12, 2016

Growing more trees and flowers rather than commercial development is sometimes tricky to do because land is valuable and dedicating land to trees and flowers might not go over well with some people.

Oct 1, 2016

Thanks for your reply!

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