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Preparation for the National UNESCO conference on September 30/Préparation pour la participation de la vidéoconférence nationale de l’UNESCO

Posted by Terry Godwaldt on September 25th, 2015

Welcome to the Virtual Classroom for the National UNESCO Video conference. Given how close it is to the beginning of the year, we aren't expecting schools to invest a lot of time into every activity but it would be amazing if we could get our kids talking online and sharing blogs. For this conference, each school is invited to create up to four blogs, one on each of the topics:

o Climate Change: How we can address it!
o Global Citizenship: How we can learn it!
o Aboriginal Knowledge: How to use it!
o Youth Civic Engagement: How to promote it!

For September 30, we are inviting each school to share one of these blogs in the LIVE video conference.

See the Activity description in the top left of the screen and click on the Blog section on the side panel of the website to create a new Blog. Click on link for resource.


Bienvenue à la Classe Virtuelle pour la video conférence nationale pour l'UNESCO.Pour cette conférence, chaque école est invitée à créer jusqu'à quatre blogs, l'un sur chacun des sujets:

o Changement climatique: comment nous pouvons addresser!

o Citoyenneté mondiale: Comment nous pouvons l’apprendre!

o Savoir traditionnel autochtone: Comment nous pouvons l’utiliser!

o L’engagement civique des jeunes: Comment nous pouvons le promouvoir!

Pour 30 Septembre, chaque école peut partager un blogue dans la video conference. Lien en Francais

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